Panoramic Gondola Rides

Panoramic Gondola Rides

The Mont-Tremblant village is a popular vacation spot in the laurentians. It is named after a mountain by the same name, which in the Algonquin language means “trembling mountain.”

One favorite activity for visitors is getting on the panoramic gondola ride, which will take them to the top of the highest peak of Mont Tremblant to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the entire valley and mountain region. Besides the view, there are many things for visitors to do on the summit. They can go trail hiking, visit the Under the Weather Exhibit, enjoy a Sunday brunch, or see the Birds of Prey Show.

Trail Hiking On Mont Tremblant

Visitors can explore one of 12 trails on the highest peak. They range in distance from 1 km all the way up to 20 km round trip. So they are friendly enough for beginners and challenging enough for seasoned hikers. At every turn on the trail are more spectacular views. Family and friends can hike through a network of trails overlooking the valley below. Hikers do not have to share the trails with bikers because the trials are reserved strictly for pedestrians. After hiking a vigorous couple of hours or even more, hikers can decide whether or not to walk down the mountain slope or take the gondola and enjoy a panoramic view as they descend. Those who like to plan ahead can get trail maps at the Mont Tremblant Information Center (details below) or at the ticket offices.

Under The Weather

Those who are not interested in hiking can visit a free educational exhibit on weather change located at the Grand Manitou. The exhibit, called Under the Weather, has various displays educating visitors on the environment. Here they can learn about climate change, greenhouse gases, the impact lifestyle has on the environment, the nature of global warming, and possible solutions for today’s climactic challenges. The learning tools used to educate and inform include weather models, hands-on instruments, and games. In addition, stuffed animals serve as exhibits. They show the effects of climate on animals. Visitors are given a tour guide through the establishment by Thermometer Man, who keeps the crowd engaged and entertained with many astonishing facts about climate changes. Adding to the ambiance of this lofty exhibition museum are ambient weather sounds hissing through hidden audio tapes.

Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday, visitors can enjoy brunch–a meal between breakfast and lunch. While sitting at the Manitou Mont Tremblant chalet, listening to live musical performances, and enjoying the panoramic view, they can choose between cold and hot buffet. Cold buffet menu items include fresh fruit juices, fresh fruits, yogurts, granola and dried fruits, raw vegetables and dips, and a variety of salads, assorted delicatessens and cold cuts. There are also condiments and marinades to add even more flavor to the delicious meals. Hot buffet menu items include pancakes, pork products, vegetable choices, pastas, and chicken and fish dishes. In addition to the hot and cold buffets, visitors can also enjoy a selection of desserts, fruit salads and fresh fruits, baskets of baked goods, and a variety of traditional beverages like coffee, tea, herbal tea, and milk.

Birds of Prey

Magnificent animals have inhabited the earth from dinosaurs to raptors, and at the Birds of Prey Show the story of evolution is traced back from hundreds of millions of years ago to today’s skillful overhead predators, the birds of prey.

2010 - Panoramic Gondola Schedule

May 22 to September 4**Monday to Friday
10am to 4:30pm
11am to 4:30pm
September 5 to October 17Everyday9:30am to 4:30pm

2010 - Panoramic Gondola Rates (May 22 to September 4)

1 round tripGondola + lunch combo
Pee-Wee (0 - 5) $1,74 $6,08
Children (6 - 17) $13,03$17,37
Adult (18 - 64)$16,07$20,41
Senior (65 +)$14,77$19,11
Family (2 adults, 2 kids)$52,55$67,75

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