Celebrate Spring at TELUS Sikwam, Quebec’s premiere spring skiing festival

Celebrate Spring at TELUS Sikwam, Quebec’s premiere spring skiing festival

Skiing, culinary workshops, and outdoor concerts are a few of the delights that await you at the Telus Sikwam in Tremblant, Quebec. For four weekends during March 18 – April 11, 2011, enjoy the events in this charming pedestrian village, and come back multiple weekends in a row.

TELUS Sikwam is Quebec’s spring skiing festival. Sikwam is a combination of “Mikwam”, which means ice in Algonquin, and Sikwan, meaning spring. Mont Tremblant boasts the number one ski resort in eastern North America, with spectacular skiing and snowboarding, spas, and plenty of family activities. Mont Tremblant Resort is the “most animated” resort in North America. Children will delight in the variety of magicians, street entertainers, and Mont Tremblant’s well-loved mascot Toufou, a white-tailed deer.

TELUS Sikwam kicks off with an electrifying event, the T4 Coca Cola in collaboration with K2 skis, where 2 snowboarders and 2 skiers fly down the mountain, ending the competition with an exciting jump. The following weekend is the Billabong Flaunt it competition for girls in Parc Adrenaline. In the morning is a slope style jam, followed by a rail jam in the afternoon. This event gives girls of all levels a chance to show off their snowboarding skills and compete for $30,000 in prizes. Other skiing and snowboarding competitions are open to the public on the last 2 weekends. Go cheer on your favorite local skier at the Local Hero competition. 11- and 12-year old boys have the chance to compete in the CAN-AM slalom race, which takes place every year alternating between Canada and the United States. Finally, children 15 and under can take part in the Burton El Nino coaching sessions, ending with a contest.

For $149, you can purchase the Sikwam pass, which allows unlimited skiing for the entire duration of the festival, as well as access to all of the culinary and cultural events. In between ski runs or watching competitions, enjoy music outdoors on many stages. King Melrose, Valectra, Mistiur Valaire, and DJ Universal are just some of the exciting guest artists.

Are you a foodie? A new component of TELUS Sikwam this year is the culinary workshops offered by local chefs. The village of Tremblant itself is known for its restaurants and culinary flair. A trail of toffee awaits those with a sweet tooth at the mountain summit.

When planning your trip to Mont Tremblant for the Telus Sikwam, be sure to contact Natalie from Tremblant Platinum at 819-421-4411 about renting one of her luxurious vacation rentals.

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